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            When reliability and speed matter most

            Imagine you’ve just designed a state-of-the-art hospital in a major city. Now you need a mobility partner who can deliver the reliability and speed required to save lives as well as move people and goods, rapidly, smoothly and efficiently. At thyssenkrupp Elevator, our elevators, escalators and platform lifts meet the special needs of all types of hospitals and healthcare facilities.

            Day in, day out, hundreds of patients, doctors, nurses, staff and visitors move between floors, from emergencies and surgeries to bedside care. In these environments, a few seconds can make all the difference. Our passenger, bed and service elevators deliver maximum safety and reliability with the highest throughput and optimised functions

            Our robust components handle potential damage from stretchers, food carts and the general public. Features for sight- and hearing-impaired passengers ensure compliance with mandatory codes. And accurate floor levelling makes entering and exiting our elevators a safe and smooth experience.

            For older facilities, our flexible modernisation packages allow you to enhance your system’s security, capacity, comfort, speed, aesthetics, access and energy efficiency – all at once or a step at a time in keeping with your budget. We also provide best-in-class service adapted to your needs to ensure your system’s optimal performance.

            Our hospital and healthcare products



            meta200, sense the difference


            The performance solution for your commercial or residential mid-rise.

            meta200 targets mid-rise buildings in the residential and commercial sectors, where design and performance matter.

            • Travel height: 110 m
            • Speed: 3 m/s
            • Load: 1,600 kg

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            evolution1, proven MRL performance

            evolution 1

            Mid rise residential and commercial. evolution1 is an efficient machine room less elevator for mid rise residential and commercial buildings. In commercial buildings evolution1 is used for low traffic/duty application such as a service elevator in a shopping mall where main transportation is done by escalators.

            • Travel height: 110m
            • Speed: 2 m/s
            • Load: 1,600 kg

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            GL, Proven MR performance


            Engineered to its high performance, GL is suited for mid-rise and high-end residential and commercial buildings. Ride comfort is ensured by sturdy car design, use of noise-reducing materials from moving components, and high precision motor system that results in smooth braking and accurate levelling.

            • Travel height: 150 m
            • Speed: 3 m/s
            • Load: 1600 Kg

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            evolution, the versatile elevator.


            evolution is a versatile and robust elevator. Whether you need a heavy duty solution for a public transport project, or an elevator adapted to a hospital, evolution is the perfect match for your building. And with tailor made designs, you are sure to fit your unique requirements.

            • Travel height: 110 m
            • Speed: 2.5 m/s
            • Load: 2000 Kg

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            TWIN. 2 cabins, 1 shaft, 0 crowd.


            Our one-of-a-kind TWIN passenger elevator is the industry’s first system with two independent cars, one on top of the other, in one shaft. It gives you the same conveyance capacity in 25% less space. It also lets you introduce brand-new traffic concepts while setting a new standard in high performance.

            • Travel height: 250 m
            • Speed: 6.0 m/s
            • Load: 1800 Kg

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            Tugela - escalator for high-traffic areas

            The innovative escalator for high-traffic areas

            Tugela is tough. In metro and airport areas alike, Tugela performs around the clock, safely and reliably transporting high passenger volumes.

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            Velino - escalator for stylish interiors

            velino: The commercial escalator series that caters to your needs.

            Our velino series – the velino 100, 200 and 300 – is our most advanced range of escalators designed to fit the whole bandwidth of commercial applications. The velino series covers all commercial needs from standard or design-oriented applications to tailored projects.

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            Moving walks


            iwalk - modular moving walk system

            The easy-to-install moving walk

            Easy to transport, easy to handle, easy to install – these are a few of the reasons for the increasing popularity of our modular iwalk system. Its pitless configuration also allows you to place iwalk directly on a finished floor, eliminating the need for additional costly civil works.

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            Hospital References

            Benq Medical Center, Nanjing

            Benq Medical Center

            Nanjing, China