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            MULTI  - elevator company thyssenkrupp elevator


            Opening the door to new possibilities in all directions

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            ACCEL - elevator company thyssenkrupp elevator


            Fostering innovative urban mobility for cities and airports

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            MAX  - elevator company thyssenkrupp elevator


            Maximizing availability and strengthening customer relationships

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            2 cabs. 1 shaft. 0 crowds.

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            Guiyang Center

            Company news

            thyssenkrupp Elevator provides 181 sets of equipment for Guiyang Center

            thyssenkrupp Elevator has cooperated with Guizhou Hengfeng Weiye Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. to provide 181 sets of equipment for Hengfeng Guiyang Center Project.

            Wuhan A1 Tower

            Company news

            thyssenkrupp escalator hoisted into A1 Tower in Wuhan

            thyssenkrupp Elevator provides a total of 45 customized equipment for A1 Tower, 19 of which are high-speed elevators. In this project, the escalator will be hoisted into the building from an altitude of nearly 200 meters.

            Lanzhou Metro

            Company news

            thyssenkrupp Elevator provides 113 sets of equipment for Lanzhou Metro Line 1

            The first subway under the Yellow River of China - Lanzhou Metro Line 1 Phase I Project opened trial operation, thyssenkrupp Elevator provided 113 equipment for this project, including 47 elevators and 66 escalators.

            Our solutions for different applications

            Elevator for Offices


            Making people feel right at home

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            Elevator for industry


            Because time and safety are paramount.

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            Elevator for infrastructure and transport industry


            Taking the rush out of rush hour

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            Elevators for hotels and restaurants


            Give your guests the red-carpet treatment

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            Elevators for shopping and retail


            Give them more time to shop

            Discover our products for retail buildings
            Elevator for Hospital/Healthcare


            When reliability and speed matter most

            Discover our products for healthcare builidings
            Elevators for Education buidlings


            Get them there on time, every time

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            Elevators for Offices


            The first impression is what counts – especially in business.

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            Safety is the name of the game

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