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            Discover enta200, the performant low-rise elevator from thyssenkrupp.


            step into moments of style

            thyssenkrupp enta200

            The performance solution for your low-rise residential building and private villas.

            With its compact size, enta200 is a machineroom-less elevator that is suited to low-rise buildings such as mid to high-end residential buildings.It offers stylish and practical car interior designs to give its passengers a comfortable ride.

            up to 1m/s, 45m travel height and 630kg
            • Increase your returns

              High performance German engineering makes enta200 a great investment.

            • Underline your building's premium

              Trend-based interiors to match your building’s style and extend the building’s vibe into the elevator.

            • Provide a stylish experience

              With a focus on usability and overall ride comfort, enta200 ensures you travel in comfort and style.

            enta200, sense the difference

            enta200 in details

            Find out what makes enta200 stand out from the rest

            Learn what makes enta200 so special, setting a benchmark for premium low-rise residential and private villas. Outstanding design, intelligent engineering and smart features makes this elevator the best choice for customers looking to create a premium building.

            Increase your returns

            enta200, increase your returns

            Leading innovations and German precision-engineering make thyssenkrupp an investment that will enhance your building’s value.

            Reduced shaft size means more leasable floorspace.

            enta200 Machineroom-Less (MRL) concept uses a robust, non-shell design which is smaller and lighter, requiring only a simple overhead structure, thereby allowing it to release space traditionally used by a machine room.

            Hassle-free service through the whole lifecycle.

            thyssenkrupp expertise and German efficiency enables us to provide a smooth service, from offering flexible cabin dimensions, designs and appropriate value-added options, to providing a quick response to new orders, manufacturing and punctual turnarounds.

            Underline your building's premium

            Underline your buidling's premium

            Match your building’s style with our trend-based designs.

            Our team of experienced designers has studied the latest interior design trends to bring you a range of premium quality cabins that will enhance the look and feel of any building.

            Sensible safety and security features provide a responsive overall system.

            Different safety options such as Automated Rescue Device, in-car camera and voice calm-down function will keep you passengers safe and relaxed.

            Trend-based cabin design

            With cabins based on the latest interior design trends, you can extend your building’s vibe into the elevator.

            meta200 stylish design

            A lavish modern design infused with ornate architectural signatures and high-class accents.

            by our design team
            Heritage refined

            A classic design inspired by local heritage offering a refined luxury that imbues an appreciation for craftsmanship.

            by our design team

            Timeless, Scandinavian-influenced design to bring a simple, versatile modernity to your building.

            by our design team
            Natural home

            A homely design rooted in an appreciation of nature to lend a light, calm and comfortable mood

            by our design team

            Provide a stylish experience.

            Provide a stylish experience

            With a strong focus on usability, cabin atmosphere and overall ride comfort, enta200 ensures users travel in comfort and style.

            Soft lighting for a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, advanced car design creating a smoother and more peaceful travel experience, powerful air-conditioning and air-purifying to create a cool and fresh atmosphere and intelligent arrival car chime for easy boarding and exit.

            enta200 references

            Shanghai Shimao Sheshanyipin Villa

            Shimao Sheshanyipin Villa


            Shimao Sheshanli Villa, Shanghai

            Shimao Sheshanli Villa, Shanghai

            Shanghai, China

            thyssenkrupp Elevator (China) headquarters

            thyssenkrupp Elevator (China) headquarters



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