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            the versatile elevator.

            evolution is a versatile and robust elevator. Whether you need a heavy duty solution for a public transport project, or an elevator adapted to a hospital, evolution is the perfect match for your building. And with tailor made designs, you are sure to fit your unique requirements.

            Technical specs at a glance

            • 110 m

              Travel height

            • 2.5 m/s

              Maximum speed

            • 2,000 kg

              Maximum capacity

            Key benefits

            evolution key benefits
            Large load range

            Our evolution elevator can accommodate load from 450kg to 2000 kg.

            Configure to your need

            The dimension and positioning of the door is flexible to fit your building needs.

            A robust elevator

            evolution is engineered to fit in heavy-duty situations such as in airport or metro stations.


            For a wide variety of buildings, we offer design choices to meet your building segment needs. You can choose one of our pre-designed package or choose from various options to make this elevator truly yours.

            Customize it

            COP, LOP, handrail, landing light, ceiling, floor, walls… You can choose different options to make this elevator perfectly fit your building.

            evolution references

            Terminal 3, Beijing International Airport

            Terminal 3, Beijing International Airport

            Beijing, China

            SOHO Fuxing Plaza, Shanghai

            SOHO Fuxing Plaza, Shanghai

            Shanghai, China

            Shenzhen Hilton Hotel

            Shenzhen Hilton Hotel

            Shenzhen, China

            Xiamen Wealth Center

            Xiamen Wealth Center

            Xiamen, China