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            Proven MRL performance.

            evolution1 is an efficient machine room less elevator for mid rise residential and commercial buildings. In commercial buildings, evolution1 is used for low traffic/duty application such as a service elevator in a shopping mall where main transportation is done by escalators.

            Technical specs at a glance

            • 110 m

              Travel height

            • 2 m/s

              Maximum speed

            • 1,600 kg

              Maximum capacity


            Perfect for the following applications

            Key benefits

            evolution1 key benefits
            Smooth ride

            The independent suspension system keeps the car balanced. No additional acting force is required between the guide shoes and the rail, reducing friction and noise.

            Silent ride

            Rubber anti-vibration pad between the crosshead sheave and upper beam prevents vibrations on the sheave from affecting the car interior.

            A confortable ride

            Hard-wearing polymer guide shoe lining with low coefficient of friction for a smooth ride and enhanced passenger comfort.

            Seamless accelleration and braking

            A special weighing sensor continuously measures the car load and sends a signal to the control system to ensure a smooth ride.


            Designed for mid-to-high-end residential and commercial buildings, evolution1 inspiring car interiors are designed with the building segment in mind. The feeling of comfort will continue from the lobby interior, to the elevator and therefor throughout the entire building.

            Choose one of our pleasant design following the latest trends to give residents the comfort they deserve.

            evolution1 references

            Jinwan Square, Tianjin

            Jinwan Square

            Tianjin, China

            Hangzhou Metro Line 4

            Hangzhou Metro Line 4

            Hangzhou, China

            Shenzhen Hilton Hotel

            Shenzhen Hilton Hotel

            Shenzhen, China

            Shanghai Shimao Sheshanyipin Villa

            Shimao Sheshanyipin Villa

            Shanghai, China