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            Proven MR performance

            Engineered to its high performance, GL is suited for mid-rise and high-end residential and commercial buildings. Ride comfort is ensured by sturdy car design, use of noise-reducing materials from moving components, and high precision motor system that results in smooth braking and accurate levelling.

            Technical specs at a glance

            • 150 m

              Travel height

            • 3 m/s

              Maximum speed

            • 1,600 kg

              Maximum capacity


            Perfect for the following applications

            Key benefits

            GL Advantages
            Comfortable ride

            Precision motor system ensures smooth operation, braking and more accurate levelling.

            Silent ride

            Optimized wall material and sturdy design to limit the noise inside the cabin.

            Smooth travel

            Hard-wearing polymer guide shoe lining delivers a smooth ride and enhances passenger comfort.

            Smooth travel

            Specially engineered guiderails to reduce friction.

            Silent operation

            Plastic-coated (or fully plastic) compensating cable effectively reduces noise from impacts.


            Designs that inspire you. Ultimately designed for mid and high end buildings, GL comes with a range of inspiring designs designed by our design team.

            GL references

            SOHO Fuxing Plaza, Shanghai

            Shanghai SOHO Fuxing Plaza

            Shanghai, China

            Benq Medical Center, Nanjing

            Nanjing Benq Medical Center

            Nanjing, China

            Bay Shore Hotel, Dalian

            Bay Shore Hotel

            Dalian, China

            BTI Premier Plaza, Dhaka, Bangladesh

            BTI Premier Plaza

            Dhaka, Bangladesh

            Shenzhen Hilton Hotel

            Shenzhen Hilton Hotel

            Shenzhen, China