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            Save space and your budget

            GL1 is a space-efficient and cost effective elevator. With a compact shaft and functionnal designs it is a perfect match for your residential buidling.

            Technical specs at a glance

            • 110 m

              Travel height

            • 2 m/s

              Maximum speed

            • 1,150 kg

              Maximum capacity


            Perfect for the following application

            Key benefits

            GL1 key benefits
            Compact machine

            The compact machine allows a smaller machine room.

            Maximize shaft utilization

            An optimized configuration allows us to achieve a higher shaft utilization rate.

            Maximize shaft utilization

            A reduced pit and overhead reduces the overall height of the shaft.


            To suit your needs, thyssenkrupp offers a wide variety of designs following the latest trends. Create one of your own or choose one of our designs, specially created by our design team. For you.