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            Higher, faster, smarter.

            HP61 is built for mid- to high-rise commercial buildings. With its medium to high speed and small machine room, it is well suitable for managing high traffic flows in high-end office buildings and hotels, providing top of the range experience to suit the building.

            Technical specs at a glance

            • 300 m

              Travel height

            • 7 m/s

              Maximum speed

            • 2,000 kg

              Maximum capacity


            Perfect for the following applications

            Key benefits

            HP61 key benefits
            Performant elevator

            The PMS traction machine allows you to go faster while transporting more people.

            Smart move

            Our intelligent controller can be programmed to optimize traffic patterns.

            Smart move

            Install a destination selection control to optimize passenger allocation in the cabins.

            Fast and smooth

            A sturdy design and selected components ensure that fast ride rimes with comfort.

            Green and energy saving

            The regenerative converter can return energy to your building and save power during the descending and braking phases.


            Ultimately designed for high end commercial applications, HP61 comes with customized designs following the latest interior and material trends for high end buildings. Prolong the luxurious experience of your building.

            Customize it

            COP, LOP, handrail, landing light, ceiling, floor, walls… You can choose different options to make this elevator perfectly fit your building.

            DSC: Make your elevator even smarter!

            Make your elevator even smarter with a DSC

            Quicker journeys with fewer stops. Less crowding in the elevator lobby. Greater flexibility in elevator core layout designs. These are just a few of the benefits that come with using thyssenkrupp’s Destination Selection Control (DSC).

            By getting passengers to enter their desired destination floor on a key-pad in the elevator lobby, before entering an elevator, our DSC system can group passengers with the same destination in the same car. This shortens passengers travel time and raises the overall handling capacity of the whole elevator system.

            Additional functions can also be incorporated, including pre-programmed journeys using a swipe card or numeric PIN code and corporate branding on the touch screen terminal graphics.

            HP61 references

            China Diamond Exchange Center

            China Diamond Exchange Center

            Shanghai, China

            Jinwan Square

            Jinwan Square

            Tianjin, China

            Bay Shore Hotel, Dalian

            Bay Shore Hotel

            Dalian, China

            Kunming Plaza

            Kunming Plaza

            Kunming, China