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            Your compact elevator.

            Synergy is a safe, trustworthy, and value for money elevator that is suited for low-rise residential buildings. With its small traction machine that allows the elevator to have a small overhead and a low pit depth, Synergy is compact in size and, thus, has a smaller footprint that requires less ?oor space.

            Technical specs at a glance

            • 45 m

              Travel height

            • 1 m/s

              Maximum speed

            • 1,000 kg

              Maximum capacity


            Perfect for the following applications

            Key benefits

            TE-Evolution1 key benefits

            A small traction machine innovatively located and no redundant supporting beam.

            Energy efficiency

            Highly efficient, gearless synchronous drive.

            Energy efficiency

            The lightweight cabin makes this elevator very energy efficient.

            Energy efficiency

            Long lasting energy efficient LED lighting.


            Designed for residential applications, Synergy comes with pleasant design following the latest trends to give residents the comfort they deserve.

            Choose one of our pleasant designs following the latest trends to give residents the comfort they deserve.

            Synergy references

            Shimao Sheshanli Villa, Shanghai

            Shimao Sheshanli Villa, Shanghai

            Shanghai, China