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            Tailoring solutions to your mobility needs

            Our industry-leading escalators optimise the flow of people in airports and metro and train stations around the globe. They also improve the use of every floor in shopping malls, department stores and convention centres worldwide. That’s because our escalators are safe, reliable and rugged.

            Whether you opt for a standard product configuration or a tailor-made solution, our escalators are the perfect blend of eye-catching design, exceptional efficiency and enhanced flexibility and comfort.

            Smart product design

            • Unique step fastening

              Maintenance friendly and reliable

            • Unique track system

              Precise step position for an ultra-smooth ride

            • Unique handrail inlet

              Dirt resistant and safe

            Superior product quality

            • Extensive in-house testing

              Reliable product performance

            • Solid truss structure

              Code-certified welding

            • Robust step design

              Exceeding load requirements

            Compelling features and options

            • Intelligent energy efficiency

              Usage-based modes of operation

            • Stunning aesthetics

              Limitless design options

            • Industry-leading safety

              Over 50 safety features

            Discover our velino Series

            velino: The commercial escalator series that caters to your needs.

            Our velino series – the velino 100, 200 and 300 – is our most advanced range of escalators designed to fit the whole bandwidth of commercial applications. The velino series covers all commercial needs from standard or design-oriented applications to tailored projects.

            Discover more

            Tugela – The innovative escalator for high-traffic areas.

            Tugela: The innovative escalator for high-traffic areas

            Tugela is tough. In metro and airport areas alike, Tugela performs around the clock, safely and reliably transporting high passenger volumes.

            Discover more

            Victoria – The escalator powerhouse for extended travel heights.

            Victoria: The powerhouse escalator for high heights

            No job is too demanding for our Victoria escalator. Travelling heights of up to 75 metres, it handles heavy loads non-stop in any weather.

            Discover more

            A few escalator references



            Beijing, China

            Enshi Grand Canyon

            Enshi Grand Canyon

            Enshi, China

            Hangzhou Metro Line 4

            Hangzhou Metro Line 4

            Hangzhou, China

            Beijing SanLitun SOHO

            Beijing SanLitun SOHO

            Beijing, China