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            Tugela: Performance you can rely on

            The higher the passenger volumes, the happier our Tugela escalator. Tugela safely moves people in high-traffic areas and all types of climates around the globe. Dependable technology and components, such as our certified brake system, make this escalator an exceptionally reliable partner.

            Tugela. Ruggedly reliable.

            • 22 m

              Max rise

            • 24.5 | 27.3 | 30 | 35°


            • 600 | 800 | 1,000 mm

              Step width

            Key benefits

            Tugela escalator - Sustainable investment

            Sustainable investment

            A traffic escalator is an investment in your infrastructure. With its high-quality critical components, including the step chain and drive unit, Tugela is the investment that lasts. It’s part of the solution to sustaining your infrastructure for decades to come.

            Tugela escalator - Weatherproof technology

            Incredibly versatile

            Tugela holds steady in any climate, from high humidity to salty environments to ice-cold temperatures. Technical options like stepband and complete heating, automated chain lubrication, along with product features such as a galvanized supporting structure, make Tugela totally weatherproof.

            Tugela - escalator with compact dimensions

            Maximum planning freedom

            Space, across all three dimensions, is a critical resource in any modern urban environment. That’s why Tugela uses it wisely. Tugela is one of the segment’s most compact escalators with the highest possible rise for maximum freedom during project planning.

            Tugela escalator - Tailor-made solutions

            Highly customizable

            Some projects are more complex than others and need tailored solutions. Tugela’s scalable technologies, such as its highly adjustable controller, ensure you get an escalator perfectly tailored to your needs.

            Stunningly tough

            Tugela is designed to meet the demands of traffic applications. It scores high on durability and long-lasting looks. A wide range of customizable design options, including various outer claddings and handrail colours, let you take the appearance of your installation to new heights.

            Tugela’s two front skirt options – one made out of scratch-resistant black synthetic material and another out of highly resilient stainless steel – give you different looks while standing up to the abuse of trolleys and carts. A streamlined two-way flap handrail inlet eliminates the need for unsightly brushes or rubbers and improves availability thanks to a kick-resistant safety contact.

            Tugela - Escalator with unique front skirt
            Tugela - Escalator with unique front skirt


            Robust balustrade

            This 10-millimetre tempered safety glass balustrade comes with a robust decking profile attached to the top of the glass panes. Available in several glass colours, it’s a perfect fit for an open design concept.

            Metal Balustrade

            Metal balustrade

            This angle-fitted closed balustrade is made from bevelled stainless steel plates. Available in different finishes and colors , the sturdy-looking balustrade is well suited to industrial urban designs.

            sandwich balustrade

            Sandwich balustrade

            Featuring a sandwich construction with a stainless steel cover, this sleek, vandal-resistant balustrade is ideal for modern traffic applications.

            In traffic applications, lighting is key for efficiently guiding passengers, increasing their safety and optimizing your system’s capacity. An important consideration in modern architecture, lighting also influences our mood and enhances urban environments.

            Tugela escalator - Safety lights: Step gap or comb plates

            Safety lights: Step gap or comb plates

            Blue or green step gap lighting, along with comb plate lights at the entrance and exit, ensures passenger safety and adds to your escalator’s visual appeal.

            Tugela escalator - Aesthetic lights: Skirt band or balustrade

            Aesthetic lights: Skirt band or balustrade

            LEDs in light-diffusing channels, the full range of RGB color-changing light and different modes of operation create stunning effects above the skirt band or under the handrail.

            Tugela escalator - Aesthetic lights: Truss

            Aesthetic lights: Truss

            Truss lighting in the full range of RGB color-changing light and different modes of operation let you showcase Tugela’s structural sophistication.

            Tugela escalator - Aesthetical lights: Soffit cladding

            Aesthetic lights: Soffit cladding

            Spots, light strips or fully illuminated claddings light up the area below the escalator and accentuate your entire building. You can also integrate patterns to put a unique finishing touch on your building’s lighting concept.

            Tugela escalator - Traffic lights: Column

            Traffic lights: Column

            In crowded traffic applications, a traffic light column improves visibility even from far away and helps ensure the smooth flow of people.

            Tugela escalator - Traffic lights: Floor plate

            Traffic lights: Floor plate

            This eye-catching, self-adjusting, robust floor plate light improves visibility, especially for people with impaired vision.

            Tugela escalator - Traffic lights: Decking or newel

            Traffic lights: Decking or newel

            On the Robust balustrade, the standard traffic light is located in the inner decking and, on the Metal balustrade, it’s integrated into the newel. Both locations ensure the highest visibility and eliminate the need for a traffic light column.

            Choose from a broad selection of additional features or work with our experts to make your unique vision a reality.

            Tugela escalator - Exclusive claddings

            Exclusive claddings

            From powder coated and stainless steel to different kinds of glass and other claddings, we make sure you get what you want.

            Tugela escalator - Striking handrails

            Striking handrails

            Whether you prefer rubber or synthetic materials, you’ll find the perfect handrail in a wide range of RAL colours. We’ll even help you brand your handrail.

            Tugela escalator - Stunning steps

            Stunning steps

            As standard options, you can choose between black or silver steps with or without yellow demarcation lines. If you want something more extravagant, we’ll make sure you get that too.

            Tugela escalator - Eye-catching comb and cover plates

            Eye-catching comb and cover plates

            A variety of patterns and colours for combs and cover plates, in combination with accentuating comb segments, enhance passenger safety while ensuring a distinctive look.

            Peerless quality, great performance

            Tugela’s stellar performance is the result of best-in-class engineering, advanced manufacturing systems and premium components such as our controller system and our efficient ETA drive.

            Controller: Performance on command

            Whether you go with our programmable controller or our certified controller design, you’re sure to get the performance you need.

            Programmable controller

            Adapted to your project

            This powerful PLC can be programmed according to your individual needs. It also integrates seamlessly with your other controllers.

            thyssenkrupp design

            Adapted to your Tugela

            We adapt our certified thyssenkrupp controllers to each product, leveraging our decades of escalator experience to deliver a reliable performance.

            Step fastening: Engineered to perform

            Our unique fastening concept uses hollow axles that connect the steps and chain using solid bolts. The result? Easier installation, operation and maintenance.

            Step bolts

            Convenient and failsafe

            Connecting the steps and chain with bolts makes assembly fool proof and disassembly a snap for maintenance.

            No step chain bridge

            Easier maintenance

            The hollow bridge eliminates the need for a step chain axis, providing easy access to the inside of the escalator for maintenance.

            Oil caps

            Clean and safe steps

            Oil caps at the end of the hollow axle prevent oil from leaking and polluting the step tread or riser, keeping steps clean and safe.

            Sustainable performance, day in, day out

            While an escalator consumes minimal energy, the more you use it, the greater the impact. We strive to continuously improve our escalators’ performance and sustainability.

            Energy efficiency class

            Highest energy efficiency Class A+++

            Based on the ISO 25745-3 standard and depending on your final configuration, Tugela delivers the highest energy efficiency.

            Energy-saving options

            Up to 90% reduction in energy consumption

            Tugela’s LED lighting cuts energy consumption by up to 90%. You can further reduce the escalator’s CO2 footprint by opting for energy-saving sleep mode operation.

            Latest motor technology

            Premium efficiency motors

            Our state-of-the-art premium efficiency motors reduce power consumption, have longer lifespans and minimise maintenance.

            ETA drive

            Increased efficiency, reduced maintenance

            With its 96% efficiency and lubrication lasting 40,000 hours, our ETA drive is good news for both you and the environment.

            Take no risks in high-traffic areas

            High-traffic areas require an even greater focus on safety. With Tugela, you’re in safe hands thanks to our best-in-class components and more than 50 safety features and options that exceed code requirements.

            thyssenkrupp steps
            thyssenkrupp steps

            Certified design exceeding code requirements for static loads and slip properties: Delivers reliability and durability in any environment

            Brake wear monitoring
            Brake wear monitoring

            Automatically switches off the drive when worn brake linings are detected: Helps prevent malfunctioning and flags maintenance requirements

            Skirt monitoring
            Skirt monitoring

            Stops the unit if users are trapped. This safety device mitigates the risk of injuries and also reduces any downtime caused by nuisance stops.

            Specifications Tugela
            Max rise (metres) 22
            Max capacity (people/hour) 8,200
            Inclination (degrees) 24.5 | 27.3 | 30 | 35
            Application Traffic
            Step chain roller Inside
            Location handrail drive Truss
            Handrail shape U-shape | V-shape
            Climate conditions Indoor | Outdoor
            Nominal step width (millimetres) 600 | 800 | 1,000
            Speed (metres/second) 0.5 | 0.65 | 0.75
            Horizontal run (millimetres) 800 | 1,200 | 1,600
            Transition -radii
            Top | Bottom (millimetres)
            1,050 | 1,050
            1,500 | 1,050
            2,000 | 2,600
            Balustrade Robust | Metal | Sandwich
            Aesthetic lights Balustrade | Skirt | Truss | Ambient cladding | Soffit cladding
            Traffic lights Floor plate | Decking | Newel | Column
            Safety lights Step gap | Comb plate
            Drive unit Chain drive | Direct drive
            Possible energy efficency class A+++

            We reserve the right to make technical modifications to our products at any time and exclude all liability. Shown thresholds depend on configuration details and may vary in individual cases. Availability of options and features also depends on individual configurations. Illustrations aid the general understanding and may differ from the actual design.

            A few references

            Shapotou Senic Spot

            Shapotou Senic Spot

            Zhongwei, China

            Chengdu Metro Line 4

            Chengdu Metro Line 4

            Chengdu, China

            North Shenzhen Railway Station

            North Shenzhen Railway Station

            Shenzhen, China

            Ningbo Metro Line 2

            Ningbo Metro Line 2

            Ningbo, China

            escalator heathrow airport london united kingdom

            Heathrow airport

            London, United Kingdom


            Messe Frankfurt

            Frankfurt, Germany


            MyZeil Shopping Centre

            Frankfurt, Germany


            Line - C Metro

            Rome, Italy