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            velino series - commercial escalator series that caters to your needs.

            velino series,

            catering to your needs

            thyssenkrupp velino escalator series

            Our set of escalators catering to the whole bandwidth of commercial applications.

            The velino 100, 200 and 300 cover all commercial needs from standard and design-oriented applications to tailored projects. Each velino makes sound business sense, offers valuable sustainability features and is safety-focused with over 50 smart safety-enhancing features.

            up to 15m rise, 12-16 hours duty cycle and in- and outdoor environment
            • velino 100 - Makes sound business sense.

              Our value-for-money escalator makes business sense in commercial buildings where practical solutions are needed.

            • velino 200 - Underlines your building’s premium.

              Our performance escalator enhances the value of your building helping you to increase your returns.

            • velino 300 - Realizes your vision.

              Our customizable escalator that will be tailored to your needs to make your vision reality.

            Sustainability pays off – with energy-efficient escalator solutions.

            Our velino series proves that sustainability pays off. These escalators put energy efficiency into operational practice to lower your building’s carbon footprint, improve your environmental image, and boost your bottom line.

            velino series, makes business sense.

            Energy-efficient lighting

            State-of-the-art LED technology lasts longer than conventional lighting and is up to 80% more energy-efficient than halogen lighting.

            Energy-saving operations.

            Depending on your load cases, operational modes such as standby or sleep mode and the regenerative drive option can help make your escalator more energy-efficient.

            Lower environmental impact.

            By continuously improving our escalator solutions, we minimize their environmental impact in product lifecycle assessments.

            Since safety is a top priority in your building, we put safety first in designing the velino series.

            Around 50 standard or optional safety features mitigate the risk of incidents and injuries. Our portfolio includes an extensive range of motion safety devices and other important features to secure building interfaces. All this plays a key role in ensuring passenger safety – day in, day out.

            Motion safety.

            A velino escalator is designed with user behavior in mind. That is why our optional safety features go beyond the requirements of local codes. The auxiliary brake on the main shaft, for example, stops the step band in the unlikely event of a disconnection between the motor and drive chain to prevent any uncontrolled downward movement of the steps and reduce the risk of falls.

            Proactive safety.

            Fall protection is one of our proactive safety features. Safety curtains, which can be installed parallel to the balustrades and are even higher than them, further reduce the risk of passengers climbing over the side of an escalator.

            Component safety.

            We strive to enhance user safety and product reliability by building durable components that meet first-class manu-facturing requirements. Our proprietary step design, for example, offers utmost reliability combined with minimal breakage risk.

            Building interfaces.

            To enhance the safety of the interfaces between an escalator and a building, we offer diverse solutions, e.g. deflectors for ceilings or crisscross arrangements.

            "Decades of experience in elevator and escalator technology means that you can rely on our expertise and efficient service that is carried out by over 24,000 service technicians worldwide."

            Learn more about the comprehensive maintenance and support services we provide.
            velino 100, A smart choice for your application.

            velino 100 benefits

            A smart choice

            High-quality technology based on German engineering expertise and components built for reliably sustainable operations make the velino 100 a great investment. This value-for-money escalator means you can rest assured you’re running your business well

            • ISO 18738-2

              Quality ride comfort

            • EN 1998 | 1090

              Certified manufacturing

            • ISO 25745-3

              Certified systainability

            Makes business sense.

            velino series, makes business sense.

            Superior product quality ensures durability

            Our robust step design exceeds international code requirements and offers utmost reliability. Our truss meets the highest international welding standards and is aligned with lasers for a perfect fit.

            Smart product design paves the way for smooth operations.

            Our unique handrail inlet with its two-door release mechanism does not only lowers the risk of entrapment but is also fail-safe against unintended kicks. Together with the precisely aligned guiding system for an even, reliable and jolt-free step run, velino 100 offers everything for continuous operations.

            Multiple features offer sustainable performance.

            Choose one of our four different modes of operation and reduce your energy consumption by up to 90% achieving an A+++ ISO rating.

            velino 200, Designed to stand out and boost your business.

            velino 200 benefits

            Designed to stand out

            To design a one-of-a-kind escalator based on multiple design options and flexible functions choose the velino 200. By underlining your building’s premium character, the velino 200 will help to increase your returns.

            velino escalator - Safety lights: Step gap or comb plates

            Safety lights: Step gap or comb plates

            Step gap lighting, along with comb plate lights at the entrance and exit, ensures passenger safety and adds to your escalator’s visual appeal.

            velino escalator - Aesthetic lights: Skirt band or balustrade

            Aesthetic lights: Skirt band or balustrade

            LEDs in light-diffusing channels, the full range of RGB color-changing light and different modes of operation create stunning effects above the skirt band or under the handrail.

            velino escalator - Aesthetic lights: Truss

            Aesthetic lights: Truss

            Truss lighting in the full range of RGB color-changing light and different modes of operation let you showcase velino’s structural sophistication.

            velino escalator - Traffic lights: Floor plate

            Traffic lights: Floor plate

            This eye-catching, self-adjusting, robust floor plate light is an architectural highlight and especially useful for users paying attention only to their smartphones.

            velino escalator - Traffic lights: Decking or newel

            Traffic lights: Decking or newel

            Bi-color traffic lights in the inner decking are an easy and effective way to direct users while indicating the direction of travel.

            Exclusive claddings

            From powder coated and stainless steel to different kinds of glass and other claddings, we make sure you get what you want.

            Striking handrails

            Whether you prefer rubber or synthetic materials, you’ll find the perfect handrail in a wide range of RAL colors.

            Colorful balustrade glasses

            The balustrade’s 10-millimetre tempered safety glass is available in, among other colors, clear, azure, bronze and dark grey.

            velino 300, Realize your vision – with all wishes fulfilled.

            velino 300 benefits

            Tailored engineering

            Looking for a unique solution that is tailored to fit your ambitious project? You can realize your vision with the velino 300. Its tailored engineering raises the bar for commercial escalators and leaves no wishes unmet.

            Beijing National Aquatics Center

            Beijing National Aquatics Center

            The award-winning National Aquatics Center (aka "Water Cube") was built for the swimming competitions at the 2008 Summer Olympics. The Center’s breath-taking architecture, inspired by the natural formation of soap bubbles, is matched by innovative fabrication, material and environmental engineering. velino escalators are part and parcel of the Center’s continuing appeal as a water park complex.

            Breuninger Flagship Store, Düsseldorf

            Breuninger Flagship Store, Düsseldorf

            velino escalators are an eye-catching feature of Breuninger’s five-floor boutique-style department store, a landmark building in Düsseldorf’s chic shopping heartland. The design of this conceptually driven flagship store was inspired by the neighboring Hofgarten Parkland. The velino escalators were tailored to perfectly fit in with the store’s inspiring interior architecture.

            Athletic Club Museum, Bilbao.

            Athletic Club Museum, Bilbao.

            Situated on the ground floor of the award-winning San Mamés Stadium in Bilbao, Spain, this landmark sports facility has won many awards, including “Best Sports Building” in 2015. The Museum’s iconic architecture called for matching aesthetics in two velino escalators custom-designed to mimic the players’ tunnel at this soccer stadium and painted in the distinctive red of the team, Athletic Club de Bilbao.

            A few references

            thyssenkrupp Elevator (China) Headquarters

            thyssenkrupp Elevator (China) Headquarters

            Shanghai, China

            National Aquatics Center - Watercube

            National Aquatics Center

            Beijing, China


            Beijing SanLitun SOHO

            Beijing, China


            Delhi Airport

            Delhi, India


            Raine Square Offices

            Perth, Australia


            Shinsegae Centum City Department Store

            Busan, South Korea

            thyssenkrupp quartier

            thyssenkrupp Quartier

            Essen, Germany

            Kirkgate Shopping Centre

            Kirkgate Shopping Centre

            Bradford, United Kingdom


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